Rail Partners responds to Railway Industry Association’s latest report

Commenting on Railway Industry Association’s latest report, Mark Gaynor, Director of Operator Services at Rail Partners, said:

“Taking the train is already one of the greenest ways for people and goods to move around the UK but further sustained investment is required to fully deliver a decarbonised railway so it can maintain its green advantage and form the backbone of a zero carbon transport network.

“We support the Railway Industry Association’s ambitions for decarbonising the railway for both passenger and freight operations in a realistic and cost effective way. We agree that the industry needs to come together to prepare and start delivering a strategy to enable a lower cost, higher performing, net zero railway for passenger and freight by 2050.”

Notes to editors

RIA's latest report is available here:  https://www.riagb.org.uk/RIA/Newsroom/Publications%20Folder/A_lower_cost__higher_performing_net-zero_railway.aspx  

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