Rail Partners responds to latest ORR data on rail freight usage and performance

Robert Girgis, Director of Policy, Rail Partners said:

Overall, the ORR’s 2023/24 rail freight data reflects another challenging year for the sector. Wider economic conditions continue to affect demand for rail freight services and, while Network Rail performance has improved reliability in recent months, more work is needed to improve performance further and restore customer confidence.

Despite the wide consensus on the importance of rail freight growth, now backed by the government’s commitment to a long-term growth target, this data shows consistent freight growth won’t happen on its own.

Freight companies continue to invest and innovate to deliver for customers even within this challenging context, but to ensure we fully realise the low-carbon and economic benefits of rail freight, it is essential to create the right conditions for growth. That means a level playing field between different modes of transport so that freight customers can make the right decision for both their business and the environment.

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