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Rail Partners comments on proposals to remove wi-fi from trains in order to reduce cost

Commenting on proposals to remove wi-fi from trains in order to reduce cost, Andy Bagnall, chief executive of Rail Partners said:

'As we look to attract customers back to the railway post pandemic, we should be innovating to improve customer experience rather than removing features many passengers value and which support the wider economy.

'While there is a need to control costs, the consideration of this proposal is a symptom of the current disjointed management of industry finances where revenue and cost are looked at separately and operators are unable to innovate in response to customer needs.

Revenue and cost considerations need to be reunited in one place as quickly as possible, and operators need to be given the freedom to attract customers back to rail, or we risk a spiral of decline on the railway.'

Notes to editors

Notes to editors

Cost risk currently sits with the Department for Transport. Revenue risk sits with HM Treasury.

You can read more about why this will lead to poorer passenger outcomes in our report Fork in the Tracks.

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